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Have you been battling with bad plumbing Adelaide? Laser Plumbing are the specialists in plumbing Adelaide, and we can manage any challenge you put forth. Plumbing is core to the functionality of your home. Running water, a flushing toilet, adequate drainage and water storage keep us clean healthy and happy.

Our experience qualifies us to work within all spaces-residential, commercial and industrial. We can even fit and install all the plumbing for your new home or renovated space. We take the time to discuss your requirements and will work collaboratively to deliver a practical solution. There are plenty of options available when it comes to water systems, such as the seemingly popular eco-friendly and water efficient solutions. We achieve these results through solar, rainwater recycling, and the installation of selected fixtures, taps and toilets. Any queries about your plumbing Adelaide will be answered by our friendly team.

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Have You Been Battling with Bad Plumbing?

If you have recurring issues with your plumbing Adelaide, it might be time for an upgrade or system replacement. Plumbing problems tend to occur at the worst of times, and we understand the frustration this causes for people on the go. Laser Plumbing Adelaide provide emergency services 24 hours, 7 days a week to make sure you always have a back-up option.

We’re confident in dealing with your gas, drainage, hot water systems, installations, water tanks, and even roofing repairs. Our adaptable team work in correspondence with your architectural parameters, while opting for the most economic options. We offer our customers educated advice throughout the process to make sure their decisions are compatible with their lifestyle. Don’t avoid your plumbing problems; the Laser Plumbing Adelaide experience is above and beyond the industry standards. Call our team to improve your plumbing Adelaide.

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Our Capabilities

We’ve dealt with all kinds of problems over the years – some deemed catastrophic! Our capabilities in plumbing Adelaide are broad to optimise efficiency in all areas; whether that be in the home, office, work site or public facilities. Laser Plumbing Adelaide comply with service agreements and conduct programmed maintenance to upkeep the quality of your plumbing systems. Our team take health and safety very seriously and are highly organised to ensure all operations run smoothly. We coordinate technicians, manage scheduled servicing and handle all administration promptly and professionally from start to finish. Solutions are tailored to both your budget and efficiency expectations.

Our service promise includes:

  • 10-year guarantee on drainage relining and replacements
  • 3-month guarantee on all blocked drains (6-months if inspected with CCTV)
  • 12-month guarantee on all parts on all labour
  • Extended warranty on all parts and services

For the most dependable local service, call us for your plumbing Adelaide today.


At Laser Plumbing Adelaide, we’re confident in the level of service we provide. We’ve built long-standing relationships with our customers over the years, which is illustrative of our satisfactory delivery and executions. If you’re experiencing trouble with your plumbing Adelaide, give us a call today.