evaporative cooling adelaide

Laser Plumbing are the experts in evaporative cooling Adelaide. To accommodate our time-poor customers, we provide a one-stop-shop service. This means we also manage heating, cooling, gas and solar to keep your home functioning at its best.

If it has been a while since you last serviced your evaporative cooling Adelaide system, it might be lacking in efficiency. We provide the full-scope of evaporative cooling services to prepare your home for those long summer days. This includes water supply pressure and flow checks, fan and blade maintenance and full cleans! Laser Plumbing Adelaide offer a "totally dependable" guarantee that warrants quality execution and long-standing support.

This includes:

  • Time delivery
  • Promise of care and skill
  • Appropriate work for customers' needs
  • Well-presented and professional employees
  • Responsible handling of material supplied
  • Compliance with manufacturer's guarantees
  • Reaching/surpassing client expectations

Do you need a reliable to team to fix your evaporative cooling Adelaide? You know who to call!

Our Evaporative Cooling Adelaide Service

Our team will:

  • Check water supply pressure and flow
  • Clean both sides of the filter pad frames to remove dust, salts pollen etc.
  • Check and clean the water distributor channels
  • Empty and thoroughly clean the water reservoir through the outlet provided
  • Check Pulleys and Belts for wear, alignment and tension
  • Check pads for an even saturation of water
  • Check the bleed-off rate or dump valve as applicable
  • Check the condition of the motor and fan blades

Evaporative cooling Adelaide could be your saviour this summer! Chat to our team about the possibilities today.

Evaporative cooling Adelaide is simple, cost-effective and low maintenance. We recommend the Bonaire range, which comes with a warranty that extends from 5-7 years.

bonaire summer breeze evaporative cooling adelaide

Bonaire Summer Breeze

This cooler has been engineered to run quietly and has an 'aquamiser' to manage the water quality. Slimline thermostat control is included to optimise temperature control.

Bonaire Integra 11 evaporative cooling adelaide

Bonaire Integra II

This cooler has the same benefits as the Summer Breeze, with an added Enviroseal Duct Shutter to keep warm air in, and draughts out when your cooler is not in use.

Bonnaire Pinnacle evaporative cooling adelaide

Bonaire Pinnacle

The Pinnacle offers great economic benefits, with Axial Flux motor technology that can drive savings by up to 40%. This cooler can also tell you when the cooler needs to be replaced, as it has a water quality salinity sensor built-in.

For more information about our evaporative cooling Adelaide systems, contact the Laser Plumbing Adelaide team today.

If you have evaporative cooling Adelaide that is long-overdue for a service, you might be shocked by the result of a professional check and clean! If you don't currently have a system in place and would like to learn more about the benefits, Laser Plumbing Adelaide are happy to provide educated advice.