Drainage Pipe Relining

If you’ve got trees in your yard, chances are you’ve got some level of damage caused by roots. Many people put off calling a plumber when they think they may have a problem with their pipes because they’re worried about having their yards ripped up and it costing a fortune. While it’s true sometimes this is inevitable, most of the time this kind of thing can be avoided by a great technique called pipe relining.

repair with pipe relining

What exactly is pipe relining? Essentially it is repairing of pipes from the inside so there is no need to dig the pipe up and replace it. This is not only great for those wanting to avoid mess and expense, but also when the pipes are located beneath the house, pool or concrete driveway.

How does it work? An epoxy lining is placed inside of the existing pipe, and then forcing it to the sides where it conforms to the shape of the pipe, filling in gaps and creating a new, solid pipe within a pipe.

You get all the advantages of a new pipe without the mess and inconvenience of replacement. The best bit is that it’s designed to last 50+ years so even though it’s not a drama to do, you still won’t have to think about it for a long time.

What if you only have a small section of problem pipe? No worries, we can reline just the parts of the pipe that need it – it’s called patching.

repair with pipe relining

What’s the process involved?

  1. Book your appointment with our team to clean and review your pipes so you have an accurate idea of where you stand
  2. We come out and clean your pipes with a high pressure cleaner that removes debris and roots as well as allowing clear passage for our CCV cameras to take a closer look throughout the length of the pipes
  3. We’ll provide a comprehensive report and analysis based on the CCV camera review
  4. If pipe relining is suitable we’ll book a time to come and reline your pipes with the epoxy lining
  5. Leave the pipes alone for the recommended curing time to ensure they are good and strong, then you can get back to normal with pipes guaranteed for 10 years

What kind of damage is relining recommended for?

  • Cracks, holes and corrosion in pipes
  • Damage from tree roots
  • Misaligned pipes
  • Downpipes
  • Earthenware, PVC, Cast Iron, Concrete and Copper pipes

Ready to get your pipes checked out and repaired? Get in touch today and organise a review to see if relining is the right solution for your pipe problems.

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