Solar Hot Water Systems

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AND you'll receive the ongoing benefits of solar hot water including lower electricity bills and reducing your environmental impact.

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Endless Solar offer the best solar hot water systems

Endless Solar use the most up-to-date solar tube technology to bring you a system guaranteed not to freeze, providing you with piping hot water all year round, reducing your power bills and your global footprint.

The future of solar hot water

A series of tubes rather than flat panels passively follow the sun wherever it is in the sky, meaning absorption of solar energy is not limited by the pitch or aspect of your roof, neither is it limited to certain times of the day or certain seasons.

Hot water guaranteed!

And the vacuum contained within the tube traps the solar energy within, meaning there is no loss of heat once sunshine is absorbed even when it's cold outside. Year round hot water!

Delivery and installation by Laser Plumbing

Laser Plumbing will organise a convenient delivery of your new system and our qualified plumbers will come and install it at a time suitable for you. It doesn't matter if your roof faces the 'wrong way',  you'll still be able to enjoy a hot shower every morning. That's the beauty of the evacuated tube system.

Endless Solar - Evacuated Tubes

Carbon tax... Rising energy prices... When is it going to end?

More and more Australians are turning to solar – it's not only cleaner but increasingly cheaper! Now, everyone knows about solar power panels – but have you ever thought about solar hot water?

According to the Australian Government Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency, "Water heating is the largest single source of greenhouse gas emissions from the average Australian home and accounts for about a quarter of household energy use."

Sustainability Victoria states that "solar systems can reduce your hot water bills by 75%".

Endless Solar's award-winning systems use world-class evacuated tube technology, a clever and cost-effective alternate to traditional 'flat plate panel' solar collectors.

So what are Evacuated Tubes?

Evacuated tubes were invented here in Australia over 30 years ago and are a well proven, superior technology, widely used around the world.

They are specially designed to capture and retain maximum heat from the sun. Specific design elements are:

  • A round surface that passively tracks the sun.
  • Special absorber coating that captures and absorbs maximum heat from the sun.
  • A vacuum layer that insulates and retains heat, much like a thermos flask.

This clever design means that evacuated tubes can capture and retain about 97% of the energy absorbed from the sun!

As a result evacuated tube collectors are:

  • More efficient than flat plate panels
  • Highly effective in cold, cloudy or raining conditions
  • Frost resistant (unlike panels which can freeze and become damaged in cold conditions).
  • Able to be placed on a direct east or west facing roof!

Why wait any longer? Contact us now and start reducing your energy costs!

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