Tree Roots and Blocks Drains, What You Need To Know

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Having beautiful big trees in the yard is something many people love. They provide shade and look great, but sometimes we end up paying an unexpected price for them when their roots cause blockages in drains. It's one of those things that we see all the time and if not taken care of, can end up causing a lot of damage.

How does it happen?

It makes sense that tree roots are drawn to sources of water, but what you might not realise is that this includes the condensation that can happen on the outside of stormwater and sewerage pipes and once they've found that they can make light work of breaking through the pipes to get the better source of water inside.

What happens then is that the roots themselves cause a slight blockage which traps debris as it flows through the pipe which causes worse blockages. Over time the pipe gets seriously damaged and serious leaks can occur.

What's the solution?

Without doing a full investigation it can be hard to know if roots are the cause of your blockage and the worst thing you can do is get a quick fix without really getting to the bottom of the cause.

Hydro jets are fantastic for clearing blockages, but they certainly won't be able to clear roots and you'll likely just end up in the exact same situation in the near future. So what should you do? Ask your plumber to do a full investigation so you know exactly where you stand.

Investigations are made simple with a cctv camera mounted to the end of a long "snake". The plumber can feed the "snake" down and get real time footage of what's happening inside your pipes.

How does this help? It means your plumber can:

  1. See the cause of the issue
  2. Identify exactly where on the line it is located
  3. Offer a suitable solution based on what they've seen

If the pipe is badly damaged your plumber might recommend replacing the pipe, but pipe relining is another option that they may suggest depending on the extent of the damage. This is where your plumbers good reputation and experience comes into play to ensure you are given the right advice.

What can you do to prevent damage?

  1. If you are building or landscaping, consider talking to an arborist in the planning phase so you can discuss what trees are your best options and where you should place them to avoid potential damage
  2. If you find you have the beginning of a root problem, have a chat to a tree surgeon to see if there is anything they can do to stop things getting worse.

At the end of the day, if you're discovered to have root damage, let your plumber do the job right the first time rather than paying out time and again for quick fixes which never completely resolve the issue and are likely just delaying the inevitable.

If you think you may have damage caused by tree roots, get in touch with us today so we can book a thorough inspection and assessment.