The Do's and Don'ts Of Using Grey Water Around Your Home

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If you're looking for an effective way to reduce the amount of water being wasted around your home, and want another option for keeping your garden looking great this summer, then recycling your grey water may be the solution you've been looking for.

The Australian Government Living Greener website defines greywater as "wastewater from a range of sources including the bath, bathroom basin, laundry and shower".

This IS NOT the same thing as black water - waste water from your toilet and kitchen which must be properly disposed of.

What can you use properly treated grey water for?

  1. Watering the garden
  2. Lawn irrigation systems
  3. Toilet flushing

What are some of the do's and don'ts of grey water use?


  1. Always make sure the products you use, like washing powder and body wash are biodegradable and garden friendly. There's no point using grey water if the products you use are going to kill your plants!
  2. Be sure to check your local and state regulations around grey water to make sure you are compliant
  3. Always use a licensed plumbing to install and maintain your grey water system
  4. Make sure your system keeps all grey water on your property
  5. Make sure that your system has the option to divert the grey water back to the sewer should the conditions be too wet to go onto the garden.


  1. Don't use grey water on fruit, vegies and herbs that are to be consumed raw
  2. If disinfectants have been used don't recycle the grey water
  3. Don't use hot grey water as it is really bad for the organisms in the soil
  4. Don't use soiled grey water (ie from nappies)
  5. Over water your garden and risk runoff
  6. Store untreated greywater for more than 24 hours

Water restrictions may not be an issue at the moment, but we all know how much our gardens suffered when they were in effect. By setting up a grey water system now, you'll not only be reducing waste now, but you'll know you won't have to worry when the next dry spell hits.

To find out more about how Laser Plumbing can help install a grey water system in your home, contact us today.